What a Night for an Interview – Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful


Did you ever have to make up your mind?

That wasn’t meant as a question…it was my way of cleverly introducing this post.

Baby-boomers and rock-and-roll fans of all ages probably sang the words while they read them…or they’re humming the tune right now (and probably will be for the next few hours).

Most of you know who sang them back in 1966, or you used to know, but the band’s name is on the tip of your tongue.

For the record…it was The Lovin’ Spoonful.

The Spoonful had a pretty impressive run between ’65 and ’68 which included seven Top 10 hits and another seven in the Top 100.

You might say they were hotter than a match head

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000

Like many bands they also had their trials and tribulations…

Tomorrow night (Friday October…

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…Written Acts of Kindness Award : Susan Toy…


Seumas Gallacher


…yeez all know very well there are Awards, and then there are AWARDS… Blog Land has plenty of them… and long may they continue to proliferate… the majority are great fun, and usually always a pleasure to receive, especially when they come from yer fellow quill-scrapers… yesterday, I was the proud, and very humbled (yes, Mabel, even me… humbled) recipient of an AWARD I’d never seen before… the Written Acts of Kindness Award… it will take prominent pride of place on my virtual mantelpiece… the LUVLY and ever-generous Cate Russell-Cole saw fit to bring a seldom-seen blush to my wan complexion by naming me as an Awardee… in my turn, I have decided to initiate a few of these over time… as it happens, off the top of my head I could think of a least a dozen worthies for the Award, but will start off with one…

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Achieving Co-author Balance

Libbie the Lobster

We saved a rare yellow lobster from a local supermarket and within a week decided to write a children’s book about the adventure. We barely knew each other, Heather Chalmers and me, having met only briefly a couple of times at functions for writers. Two very different people, 070_pp we came together because we have compassion for all living things which led to the liberation of Libbie the lobster. Leaping into a co-authorship of a children’s book was exciting but even more, it was a process of achieving a balance whereby we could work together efficiently and effectively to create a work of art.

Achieving that balance was not always easy. Now that our book has gone to print, I look back over the last couple of months in amazement at how well we blended each other’s strengths and overcame our weaknesses. Moving beyond the difficulties that arose served to strengthened…

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The Inspired Mic Spotlight – Tim Baker

Michael Ray King

I asked Inspired Mic presenters to send me a little something about themselves and what they write. I gave them free reign to pick and choose material about themselves that would be informative and promotional. As The Inspired Mic grows, potential audience participants would like to know something about those who steel their nerves and get up in front of a live audience to present their creativity. In the following days leading up to the October 21st event, each of the October readers who send me their info will be In the Spotlight:

Tim bio picTim Baker

Originally from Warwick, Rhode Island, Tim Baker enjoyed a 25 year career in Architecture and Engineering, followed by short stints in the natural gas industry, construction and ice cream sales before moving to Florida in 2006
An avid dog lover, Tim was a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, raising and…

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