Lost and Found – a review

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Lost and Found
by Maria Savva

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Maria Savva’s new collection of short stories is a pleasure to read. She really has the knack of describing people in a way that makes you care and sympathize, even when the people are sometimes rather troubled and find themselves in complicated circumstances. There are glimpses of many characters and many lives in this collection: a horrible boss getting his comeuppance, a man trying to get out of stale relationship…and changing his mind…kind of, an innocent man in court, and many others. Each person and each tale coming to life in Maria Savva’s gentle, but perceptive storyteller’s eye.

My favourite short story in the collection was ‘Boomerang’. This one really got under my skin with its single mother, pushed by exhaustion and regret to the point of doing something terrible. It’s a tragic story, with a twist that kept twisting the…

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The problem of book theft …

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Close to two years ago, I discovered that my eBooks, both of them, were being listed for sale on a site about which I’d never heard before. They were not under contract to sell my eBooks nor was I receiving any payment for the nearly 1000 times the site reported my novel had already been downloaded. There was a link on the site authors could write to, if they felt their copyright had been infringed. So I wrote, asked them to take down my books, and … nothing happened. That’s when I contacted my friend Tim Baker, whose books were also listed on the site, and he wrote this blog post about our experience. Many of our friends also took up the cause, sharing this blog post and following up with more information as they heard of it – good friends like Chris Graham who blogs as The Story…

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Hubert O’Hearn – update on the first book in a new series

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Hubert O’Hearn has been featured on Reading Recommendations a number of times, and once in Nov. 2015 to announce the new publishing company, Four Freedom Publishing. He’s back now to tell us of the beginning of a new series on dogs he’s publishing through Four Freedom.


The Friendly World of the Border Collie: inside the Minds of the World’s Smartest Dogs
by Hubert O’Hearn
Published by Four Freedom Publishing

From their first breeding in the farmlands of Northumberland and Cumbria in the UK, to their current fame as stars of both movies and television, Border Collies have been best-known for one characteristic: they are the smartest dogs in the world. Because of their intelligence and unique personalities, having a Border Collie about the house raises its challenges. What is it like to own one? Is a Border Collie right for you? Whether you are thinking about purchasing your…

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…eeeee-easy does it… Susan M. Toy spells out the ‘print versus eBooks’ issue…

Seumas Gallacher

…my dear pal, Authoress, Susan Toy knows what she’s talking about when it comes to books… she’s seen the business from several angles, including selling ‘em, promoting ‘em, writing ‘em, and blogging about ‘em… her Guest Post today blows away a few urban myths about the expected longevity both of print and eBooks…


Not so fast, Print-Lovers!

By Susan M. Toy

Thanks to Seumas Gallacher for agreeing to host me, once again, by posting this rant guest post on a topic that has me particularly steamed … or fried, actually.

Last evening, when I began making dinner, I asked Dennis if he thought I should slice the potatoes into rounds instead of the usual sticks to make fries, just for a change. (Belgian Fries, actually, since I’m half-Belgian.)

He made a face – really! – and said, “But then they won’t be fries!”

“But they’ll still be potatoes I’m frying…

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The tale of the tap



No idea why this came seeping up from my memory bog, but I suddenly saw myself in my favorite pair of oxblood penny loafers — fifth grade, this was — and begging my mom to buy me a set of metal taps for them. You know, like tap dancers have on their shoes.

This was 1967, maybe the spring of ‘68, back when boys didn’t wear sneakers to school. Sneakers were known as “gym shoes,” and there was nothing terribly cool about them. Converse high-tops were all right. They only came in white or black, though, and you certainly couldn’t nail taps into them without getting your feet butchered.

You’re wondering, I bet, Why did this kid want tap shoes anyway?

The truth is, I hardly knew myself. Just, suddenly, a bunch of the boys got this vision (but it was probably only one boy) of a whole posse strutting…

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Pricing on Kevin Brennan’s books



Just a quick update for anyone wishing to pick up some delightful reading material for the weekend. My three indie novels — Yesterday Road, Occasional Soulmates, and Town Father — are all currently priced at $3.99 for the ebook versions. Plus, for whatever mystical reason, Amazon has reduced the priced of Town Father in paperback (a gorgeous edition to hold in the hands!) to just $9.80.

Don’t forget: you can give ebooks as gifts. Just have the email address of the recipient on hand when you order.

Happy reading!

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