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Author’s Note:I was having trouble sleeping the other night, so I got up and started writing.  I have to say I was a bit surprised when this came out….

Once there was a princess, who had everything she ever wanted, but her life still felt empty. So, one night, while the palace was asleep, she slipped out the iron gate into the woods. The girl followed a trail of silver light along a path, lead only by the beckoning call of frogs within the wood.

Deep in the forest of pines, she stopped and stared at the moon. Away from the castle, this moon was much more beautiful than she ever knew. There beneath its brightness, she found herself smiling, experiencing a happiness she forgot she knew. So, alone among the oaks and pines, she danced in her shimmering gown of gold, her lithe body making silhouettes against the…

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Announcing a New Publication from IslandCatEditions!

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IslandCatEditions is very pleased to announce the forthcoming eBook …

My Camino Walk: A Way to Healing
by Timothy L. Phillips

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Timothy Phillips celebrated his sixtieth birthday by hiking Spain’s Camino de Santiago. The almost eight hundred kilometer trek became a month-long test of physical stamina, with weather extremes, a range of fellow pilgrims, and hours of introspection that caused him to question his childhood, his life, and many long-held ideas and beliefs. These challenges shook loose the very foundations of his being. Timothy brings a photographer’s eye to detailed descriptions of the trek that appeal to all the senses and invites the reader to join him on his healing journey.


Advance praise for My Camino Walk
“The record of a journey through a mythic landscape is a staple of world literature. In My Camino Walk Timothy L. Phillips describes his personal journey across the rugged terrain between France and…

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Betty Jane Hegerat – update on a new novel

The teaser from this book is delicious reading. I want to read more.

Reading Recommendations

Betty Jane Hegerat is a fine author as well as a very good friend who I’ve had the great pleasure to represent and promote since we first met in 2009. I have featured her work previously on Reading Recommendations in April 2014 and Jan. 2016. I also wrote a special post about Betty Jane when she was named the 2015 Recipient of the WGA Golden Pen Award on my main blog. She’s back now with the announcement of publication of her new novel!

9780889823051Odd One Out
by Betty Jane Hegerat
Published by Oolichan Books
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

“There’s a person here, Roof. You need to come home.”

“Here where? In the house? You let a stranger in the house?”

“Well she’s just a girl. Or like a young woman or whatever.”

My phone was fading again. It does that. Mom got it as a cheap add-on to her…

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