Dancing With The Monster

Life-long poet and writer and first-time author at the age of 62, Rebecca Heishman is intent on making up for lost time. After a long career in healthcare, she is devoting the rest of her life to establishing herself as a writer, bringing awareness to animals in need, and becoming an advocate of those people who suffer from the invisible diseases. She also preaches to seniors who’ve given up on old dreams to kick-start those dreams and try to make them happen. Her first published book is The Misadventures of Millie which has been well-received and will soon become The Misadventures of Millie Series. In the book, her rescued breeder dog Millie lives by the theory that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. All that really matters is what you do with the time you have today. Rebecca Heishman has followed Millie’s lead. From 2002-2005, Rebecca was totally disabled by a brutal relapse of multiple sclerosis and she thought her life was over. That golden word ‘remission’, so beloved by MS suffers, gave her a second chance at life, and she took it. She started writing in a frenzy, and she doesn’t plan to stop.

8 thoughts on “Dancing With The Monster

  1. There wasn’t a way to comment on your klutzy post, but I was smiling the whole time – because I was right there with you! Blushing & bleeding! You didn’t mention my specialty… falling UP the stairs. Oh, the pain! My dad eventually carpeted the stairway, might have saved my life, haha!
    I had to look up the band instrument, and found a good pic – with a person in it, to show just how huge it is! http://www.jayeaston.com/galleries/clarinet_family/clarinet_p_contras.html [I do not know that guy, but he has good pics!]

    • Thank you so much. A kindred klutz! Who knew? Love your sassy blog, as well. Klutz friend for life! Screw those cheerleaders anyway!

  2. I can’t think of anything much nastier than MS creeping up malignly on you and trying to mess up your life. I have another friend with it now and lost a dear sister in law at quite a young age to it. I’m so glad you’ve gone into remission and are putting your skills to play with the writing. I don’t want to be the only silver surfer to have made a late start.
    Best of luck with the books and thank you for following me.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. You are such an inspiration Rebecca! You are a superhero! I love what you’re doing for animals. Take care of yourself. We want you around and writing for a long time. All the best and happy writing! ❤

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    • Thank you, Hon. I love your work and can’t wait to read your books. We have a lot in common.

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